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Cape Cod Photographer Russ Price

Passion for Family Beach Portraits

My passion is to make the perfect series of photos that portray a person’s outer beauty and personality. This happens when the right timing, lighting, location and poses all come together to create a fun photo design. Truly, Cape Cod and other nearby locations provide the perfect settings to create a great family portrait on the beach. Also,  I strive to  capture the relationships and fun, during a family reunion or wedding.

Commercial and Advertising Photography

In addition to portraits, I have an expertise in creating images for commercial and advertising photography. I have the best equipment and skills to produce photos with impact and clarity, for small and large businesses. This includes: food photos for restaurants and hotels, jewelry and close up product photography, real estate interiors, exteriors, air views, and advertising agency work. 

Capturing Cape Cod Light By The Seashore

“Photographing the natural beauty of Cape Cod, while having fun with my clients is my professional passion. I focus my camera like an artist dabs paint with a brush, but my pallet is the  warm reflecting rays of light by the beach. Then using my years of experience and unique  vision... I create a masterpiece.”


Award winning Master Photographer, Certified Professional Photographer PPA, Massachusetts Master PPAM, Best Album PPANE, Four Court of Honor Award, Five Judges Choice, Kodak Gallery Award, Creative Digital Award, Past President of Professional Photographers on Cape Cod.

“All of my photography clients receive the best images that I can provide and that I guarantee my service will provide them with satisfaction, or I will make it right.” 




The Lord Jesus said,“I am the light of the world: he that follows me shall not walk in the darkness, but shall have the light of life.”
John 8:12

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How To Take Better Pictures With Your Cell Phone

Since everyone is now using their cell phone to capture their daily events, it is important to know how to take better images by just applying a few basic rules of photography… 


Cell Phone and Device Tips

1. Clean your tiny camera lens often of dust and smudges. Use a dry QTip or lens cloth.
2. Close ups have more impact then wide shots. Get in close without zooming,when poss.
3. Hold your device vertical (up & down) for single shots and horizontal for groups.
4. Use the flash on setting for most close up shots–even outdoors. The flash range is only 8 feet
so dont waste you battery taking photos at concert halls or faraway shots!
5. When you take video, hold it very steady with two hands. Better yet, lean the camera on
a stationary object to keep it steady. Nothing worse than jittery video to watch.
6. When you take a bunch of images, download them to iTunes or your computer ASAP
so you can archive them and make prints. Then you can delete the files, once copied.
Just like a regular camera, you dont want to run out of memory by a stash of old files.
7. Most phones or devices with cameras have imited image quality, so don’t expect much
image quality if you want to print. But they are fun and convenient. Have fun!